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My name is Yael Haviv, and I have a wonderful husband, Koby, and four amazing boys. I have always had a love of the arts and a yearning to work with the elderly, so I decided to combine my passions using art as a tool for therapy.

My main focus at first was my patient; but I quickly realized the majority of my patient’s families were struggling too, so I’ve dedicated my studies to serve the patient and their family as a whole. I’m qualified in group and individual therapy through the “Adler Institution”, and I’ve studied couples’ therapy at Bar Ilan University and “Nerative” therapy at the Barkai Institution in Tel Aviv.  I’ve adapted these studies toward therapy for the elderly which I believe is a very under-served community in mental health.

For six years I have been committed to therapy for the elderly to include group therapy, individual therapy, couples’ therapy, family therapy, and therapy for the terminally ill.

Today, I am part of a wonderful startup, “UNIPER CARE” which helps those who are lonely ( ) .

I'm also lecturing at Bar Ilan University, and I am Head of the "Elderly Department" at the Adler Institution in Israel.

You can also find my articles on Israelis news, radio, TV shows and more (In hebrew...)

One of my most successful developments is my therapy board game for therapists. It is based on Satir and Gordon's method "PAIRS" and was nominated as the first “PAIRS Theory” therapy board game.

This tool/therapy game can be purchased by sending an e-mail request. 

Photo by Lital Kurtzwig
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Individual Therapy

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Familys Therapy
Escorting before death

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